Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Some cheering up with family and my hunny plus my favourite skirt

Firstly Wowzers! Thank you all so much for the positive response for my product review post I had a lot of fun doing it and I intend to do more. Also thanks to the new peeps for following the tinfoilrosebud I look forward to your future posts and comments. 8D

It has given me a little boost cause to be frank things haven't been to great recently theirs been a lot of drama going on at my work. It made me quite ill with stress and I've barely been sleeping or generally been happy really. But with the help of my folks, Ally and some co workers things have been looking a bit better these days. I hope I can sleep again soon because starting University again in the next couple of weeks and will really need it ha ha.

My folks brought me some flowers to cheer me up again and they are beautiful I love flowers as cliche as their seen these days. We had a lovely day out looking for furniture for my new place and we let them see our little garden which Ally's brother tidied up for us. I'm excited to show you guys the new place and our garden even tho it could use some TLC theirs strawberries and raspberries growing which is exciting! :)

Me and Ally have been spending some quality time together we went out and got noodles the other night and went to the cinema. Ally really wanted to see Alpha Papa the film about Allan partridge it was pretty funny was a nice time out with him. :)

We also went on a walk around our new area and found we were really close to this huge and beautiful park which had a hill that you could see the whole town from. We saw a Hawk that night and mushrooms which is something I don't see often but I hope to explore more of this park again. :)

Actually made a film at this park with my classmates which we had to make in 24 hours with various themes.
I run about in a Crocodile onesie that's all you need to know ha ha.

I know I have already posted this skirt before but I actually love it so much I wanted to post it again and took better pictures this time. It does seem that the new bedroom window is the spot for taking fashion photos as well. The skirt is so comfortable it glides so softly over your legs and is so light and airy it helps with the hot and clammy days. It is also just the Maxi skirt for me and to think I would never find one that suites my personality. 8D

Shirt: New Look
Skirt: New Look
Shoes: Primark

Cause of the stress been experiencing I wanted all my hair cut even shorter and I'm pretty happy with the results. Ally actually cut this style of me and I like it a lot. Also been wearing some new make up which I'll do another review post for you guys soon. :)

Got another therapy session tomorrow but then a tea date with catching up on the side with some classmates looking forward to that quite a lot. I also thrifted some lucky finds while furniture shopping which I'm excited to show you all too!

Hows things been for you all?

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Some progress and trying something new with beauty product reviews

Hey peeps things are slowly getting there my healthy eating seems to be helping out a lot and my therapy session went really well. Been invited for more appointments and they will be helping me work through my issues slowly but surely using different types of therapies so well see how things go. :)

Also been creative again and been trying out video recordings their may vlog posts soon. Which has been lovely just need to fix the late nights on the lappy and then we will be there!

Now I've been wanting to do beauty product review posts for quite some time now being inspired by other lovely blogger ladies on here and on YouTube. But I thought it would be more fun to do the reviews with little rating faces of myself. Since I love making things thought this would be fun.

Like so...

Offt not used Photoshop in quite a while.
The happiest being the highest and the saddest being the lowest.

So here is the product reviews.

Both products are from The Body Shop and were part of a beauty set. It was a gift so I got to try out the set for free which is always a bonus! These were a couple of the products I moved out to university with. Would use them nearly everyday and they did last a very long time. 

Coconut Shower Cream

The shower cream nearly lasted me a full year and it was pleasant on the skin. It was a quite creamy and thick and if you like that sort of texture from shower creams. 
If you like the smell of Coconuts it is quite strong when in use but not overpowering on the skin after a shower. 
It does feel refreshing and that your skin is getting cleaner but also softer which is always a bonus. As coconuts or at least the oil are supposed to have positive qualities for skin.
Price wise you can get the bottle on it's own for £4.00 which isn't to bad considering if it can last for a full year. Their is cheaper shower creams but the quality of this one would be worth the price.
The packaging is pretty plain and simple as it is just a sticker on a plastic bottle. But this is probably because the body shop is for being 'green' for the planet which is something I agree with. So less packaging is used and made from recyclable materials.
Overall though not sure if I would purchase this product again as good as it was. This is just personal taste though since I like to use up products but then try new ones most of the time.





Over all pretty positive. :)

Coconut Body Scrub

This body scrub was included in the same beauty set and it didn't have a much product as the shower cream. But I have to say it for it being one of my first body scrubs ever used it was wonderful. Using it especially on my legs after shaving was amazing my skin were one of the softest and smoothest they have ever been after a good old scrub of this stuff!
The product lasted for quite a long time as well using just a small amount was enough each time. The grains in the scrub were not so harsh on the skin and their was lots of them making them great for exfoliation.
The cream texture was sorta thick but not as much as the shower cream and helped with making the skin soft.
The smell was not as strong as the shower cream either but was more refreshing and it did made me feel very clean after wards. I feel the same way about the packaging as the shower cream but the size of the product does make it better for travel or storage. Since the product came with a set the actual size of the product is a lot bigger. But this makes it more pricey at £12.50 which can be quite a lot for a body scrub. But on it's own in this size it did last a long time and I would purchase it again even at the sample size.
It does do the job and helped my skin a lot and even helped with little bumps I sometimes get at my sides and made them disappear. 
Would recommend it to anyone wanting smoother legs or wanting little skin bumps be gone!





This is a product I did love a lot and enjoyed using it very much it's just a shame that the bigger version is a little pricey. This is on student budget terms though: :)

That was fun! Did you guys enjoy my little silly rating faces and should I try this out again?
And is their any bath/shower products your enjoying at the moment?

Take care

Little Pencil Fox

I've been drawing again guys it's exciting did this little guy for some practice it's been a while!

Friday, 16 August 2013

Taking health into my bony hands and personal cures for mental illness

Ahoy peeps! Hope your all having a lovely week and I'm aware that this week's Blog post is a bit late. Somehow my posts have landed on Tuesdays without meaning to be my 'propper blogging day'.

Their is a reason as I mentioned in my previous post  having depression/anxiety/not so all round good time at the moment. Everything has just got on top of me recently and trying to tackle issues at my job, home life, my future, University life and relationships seemed to either get worse or seemed bleaker.

The world was truely getting darker and at an end peeps! Was in a pretty bad place one I hadn't been in for a realleeee long time so much that it is effecting general life and things I want to keep going at. So decided it was time to go again and try the therapy. 

I'm starting again next week so I'll let you know how I get on. But the past couple of days feeling a little more positive recently and actually been quite busy. Found that doing things you love and being around people you enjoy being around does make a lot of difference.

 Had a lot of adventures that I will sum in some snapshots.

Saved a little bee from what looked like near death with some honey and off he flew away after five minutes or so :)

I saw a very dear friend of mine meeting her through university and we've barely seen each other all summer.
We spent a whole day in Edinburgh going to Art Galleries and eating a ridiculous amount of Sushi and catching up and looking at beautiful things. It was just the ticket to cheer me up had such a great day.

She even brought me back these adorable gifts from her holiday to Berlin she knows me so well! 8D
Especially the book mark which will come in handy for my collection.

This is only a small sample if theirs one thing I love it's books and they were in dire need of a book mark!

On another surprise note another friend called me the same day to say he had bought me and him tickets to go see a band we love in December. It was such a wonderful surprise and their really are angels around!

Been trying to eat healthier again as well to help out with getting better from the mental illness well see how things go. Yum yum!

I also went to visit my folks again which is always so lovely and I'm such a big sook when it comes to my family their so important to me. As I promised Mum was taken on a shopping spree with me and well...

I splurged to cheer myself up was really needing a new blazer and shoes for trekking up this huge hill we live on! D8
And because I can't resist anything with animals on it especially birdies. :)

I guess this sorta counts as an outfit post and have to say really hating my new haircut right now feel so dorky with it ha ha! That's why the picture is far away to be honest! Going to change that soon.

Well see how things go peeps.
Take care for now

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Score for Mental Health and arty Debz! Some personal issues and a outfit post in there to :)

Can't believe Summer is almost over guys! Will be back in University by September where did the time go!?
Decided to recap on my summer goals to see how much I actually did this time D8

*Catch up with old and new friends : )
* Blog about my adventures
*Moving into my new flat in July (EXCITED)
*Book a holiday for me and my Dad for his birthday
*Work on personal projects
*Add and give a spring tune up to my  Esty shop
*Be more creative with outfits/make up
*Start reading more of my books
*Practice some new art crafts and projects
*Thrift shopping/Charity shopping
*Catch up on video games ha ha!
*Start vloging!

Oh well did half of the things that were planned including actually going on that holiday with dad which was great by the way. Their is still time to get more things done but for the mean time drum rooooooooll if you please!!! *drumsdrumsdrums*

Great news! I managed to sell my print above at the silent auction. That's £50 donated to the Castle mental health charity very pleased to donate to the cause and what a lovely wee night it was.

It's a nice and scary feeling all the same time when you find people looking at your work out in the open. It's an experience I'm still getting used to it and I'm a very shy and modest person in real life especially about my artwork. I don't have the best self esteam sometimes and when it comes to showing art it can be a very vulnrable place cause your showing people what's inside of your head and heart. Your exposing your self and it's really strange I wish I could shake off those feelings and be proud of what I can do and enjoy it more instead of worrying what others might think or judge me on it.

Over all they made £500 pounds in total which is awesome considering it was the first Auction and turn out they had. 

It was a lovely night  and all in all it was amazing to discuss art and how it hels mental illness with others and how art helps express illness in ways we usually can't. It was so beautiful and inspiring to be there and be with these people and relate to them through art and mental health.

I actually suffer from depression and anixety which makes things difficult sometimes for me in my life trying to do everyday tasks. It used to be so much worse but these days I'm a lot better and getting through things a day at a time. 
Have to admit been going through it a bit again lately and a lot of stress in my personal and working life. But art helps me get through it in so many ways that it should never be taken for granted how it's sometimes peoples only escape or help. :)

Which I really need to do more of seriously Debz practice what you preach hahahahaha...hah!

Now on to the part why your really here the outfit post guys!

Dress: Thrifted
Cardigan: Tesco f&f
Necklace: Claires
Shoes: Peacocks

I got this dress quite a while ago but never got around to wearing it but it was perfect for a warm casual day. Loving my thrifted dresses just now especially with the pockets can't get enough of those pockets! Suspose its a bit dark for the summer time this outift but guess it's reflecting my hidden depressy moods these days.

I'm home seeing the family just now before uni starts again so squeezing in some quality time. Took my Mum out shopping and we bought pretty things as you do so I'll show you guys next post!

 Not really important but also got a haircut.

You guys having a nice week?
Catch you soon.