Saturday, 27 April 2013

Welcome to the Tinfoilrosebud

A belated hello to everyone!

Old friends from the now previous blogger account and any new ones.

Welcome to the Tinfoilrosebud which I hope to start a crisp fresh new blogging experience for myself and you guys.

Blogging has been missed very much and it appears since starting university and moving out in last September amazingly I now have friends offline. There have been a lot of adventures with them and communications made such as experiences, laughing, crying, secrets and being creative together. I couldn't off asked for better classmates and I know I will remember them fondly even though it is about 2/3 years before Art school is finished.

I actually have friends...and it has been a long time since I have had any after my terrible experience I locked myself away for a long time. Couldn't trust or associate with anyone or anything my world was a blur and in the dark lacking a better way to explain that time. Would wake up in the middle of the night and weep having dreams about the incident and feeling helpless.

But I have changed so much since then and my life is constantly rolling and is fruitful. As much as an Art Student with a part time Catering job in a new city and paying for my own lifestyle can be.

Living in the now personally is so important to me and the future now just works out for the best.
So I feel confident about the future of this new blog and taking risks on the internet and as a person. I love connecting with people and sharing my interests and I love loving the same things with other people. This is why I love blogging.

You guys are just such interesting people and I love reading about your lives and your interests.

Not everything is perfect some days were I still worry and some issues in my family that keep me up a night. But I'm even hopeful for these issues working out as well someday.

But I do hope you guys enjoy the new blog I have big plans for this little place including trying out video blogging or 'vlog' for the internet savvy.
As well as giveaways including clothes and also I have so much art work to give away or to sell now. I plan to do some projects over the the summer since I have more free time now.

Did three projects since last September and I get my grades on Monday.

Project about the utopia of books with green screen

Narrative Sound project about a day in the life of my Grandmother

Contemporary Photography project about Anxieties through symbolism

That's all for now catch you guys soon their is so much to show and so much to say.

If you want more I've added my Tumblr and new youtube account on the picture frame icons at the side.

Take care