Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Exciting arty news with some Geeking out and thrifted dress outfit


Hey guys!

I have exciting news this week on Thursday I'll be donating some of my work to a silent Auction for a mental illness Charity. It kinda happened spur of the moment but I'm proud to donate some work to the cause. :) I'll be donating the piece above and the two below.

"Generalized Anxiety Disorder"

"Post Traumatic Stress Disorder"

The Auction event is here their will be entertainment, refreshments and arty farty stuff I'm very excited since I have not entered my work in anything for quite a while!
My online portfolio of the project is here and I'll be sure to take some snapshots of the event for you guys in a future post. :)

Been having an art drought this Summer cause of things adult related including working at a job and I really needed this to give me a little boost again. :)
It's perked me a up a lot cause was starting to get a little unhappy and stressed out about a lot of things but it's helped out a lot.

Another thing that helps out is good food and good company I had my dear nephew staying with me and Ally for a few days last week. More BBQ was required!

It was such a wonderful few days my Nephew is like the little Brother I've never had were really close and its such an awesome wee guy. We spent days Geeking out, playing many video games, internet memes, trading card games such as Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! I also showed him around my Student town and we went to Museums, Galleries and me and Ally treated him (and ourselves) to Monsters University which so beautiful and hilarious. I cried so much at 'The Blue Umbrella' ALL MY FEELS?!

It was such a beautiful and ridiculously funny few days I've not been able to see my Nephew since January because of a silly Family feud that's been going on. Welcome to Debz personal life so it was even more wonderful we were allowed to see each other on this rare occasion. 

On the side still trying to sort out the new place Ally has to much Gamer stuff waaaaah! So the tour will have to wait.

I can show you a small part of the bedroom for now ha ha think this will be the outfit post space these days. This is my favourite dress at the moment I adore the shape of it so much as it suits my boyish figure. So into looking for these types of dresses in charity shops especially with pockets bitches love pockets.

Dress: Thrifted
Belt: Primark
Shoes: Primark

And I'll leave you with this embarrassing snapshot of me trying to not look stupid ha ha
Last time I get Ally's assistance humbug! XD

I bought some new things to but I'll show you guys them soon and recently been taking pictures of make up and products I like. 
Would you guys like to see them as a new blog feature thingy?

Hope you guys are having a great week!
Take care

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Visiting home packed with adventures with summer outfit and little goings on.

Hey peeps!
Was home visiting the folks last week for a few days and packed a lot of mini adventures into a few days including cosy nights on the couch in front of the Tele and family dinners again. 
Which is so lovely to do since I don't watch TV anymore and cook all my meals since becoming a student but nothing beats home cooking does it? :)

An old dear friend of mine who was studying in London for quite a while came back up to visit his family and see me for a day in the city! 8D
I've missed him a lot he's such a lovely person and always shows me amazing things and we appreciate each others interests.

We spent the day having lunch at a beautiful cafe we always used to go to every weekend and it was delicious! Propper old catch up was abound and it was beautiful! He took me to a Fuel Juice Bar which I hadn't tried before but it was super yummy and perfect for this hot weather. We then went into a new Forever 21 oh my what a beautiful store can't wait till I have some pennies after payday XD

We then went exploring some more and he took me to a new chocolate store that just opened for the first time in Scotland from the original in London. He got me a little bag of chocy's and their so tasty and the packaging is so sweet! Of course to end the day we went to Waterstones looked at books and talked about books one of my favourite thing's to do in life!

What a wonderful day I hope we see each other again soon. :)

Me and the folks had a beautiful walk along a Canal that's nearby my family home and it was such a wonderful day. I adore nature so much and it's the happiest I can be when it surrounds me.

What a beautiful little home to have right on the canal it's like a dream house guys! *0*

Baby birds in the garden and some tasty sushi as a treat for me!

And now some little random-ness I dunno if their particularly interesting but I thought it would be funny to show you guys.

Has anyone ever seen one of these before?

It's called a Doughnut Peach and my folks bought some and hadn't seen anything like it thought it was so cute and strange. But their very juicy and yummy I would recommend them if you wanna try them ha ha!

GASP! Deborah drawing?! yes I actually started drawing something again and it's been such a long time. All summer had these plans for art projects and things to create but overtime at my job and general life has made me to tired all the time sadly. But I hope to make this part of some new designs for my little blog. Do you guys like my blog the way it is? I thought it could use some artistic flare to reflect my personality. :)

Top: New Look
Vest: George Asda
Shorts: Primark
Shoes: Primark

Remember my thrifted blue shirt from my last post? Yup I wore it to the canal walk I thought it would look nicer over a white shirt since it has been so hot recently and it will look better on colder days buttoned up with jeans.

That's been my adventures so far in between working I hope to get some of my little illustrations finished soon and some little projects since my printer is now set up!

Hows your week been guys?

Take care
Love Debz

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Some thrifting and some BBQ fun!

Hello peeps! 
What is this weather like recently huh?! States Mrs Obvious. Because of this gorgeous sunshine which I'm loving despite the slight burns and sleepy days. 

I've not really been getting much of anything done to our new place theirs still stuff EVERYWHERE?! Including some boxes unpacked as of yet and arranging of things not even unpacked my printer or have anywhere to do arty projects.

So thought I would show you guys some stuff I wanted to post a while ago that was lurking on my camera. As well as the recent BBQ fun in the sun!

This was an adorable address book given to me my Alastair's Grandma and she always does cute things like this for me. She loves charity shops and so do we all and she always thinks of me and gets me little treats.

It's actually so lovely cause my Granny's passed away when I was young and they were pretty amazing people and I miss them. I'll do some posts about them one day but I did do an art project about one of them here. So it's really nice that Ally's Gran treats me like her own Gran daughter.

It's so adorable I love it and it's just the kinda things I like! Nothing can beat old fashion illustrations of pretty girls. :)

I also thirfted this little blue shirt for only two pounds this is one of my fave colors just now and it has a little peter pan collar and everything! I'll wear it soon and post a new outfit for you guys and show you more happy finds! ;)

But yes what a glorious day me and Ally got the day off together this Sunday which is a rare occasion these days. We invited some other peeps and all in all it was a truly marvelous day filled with laughs, tasty food, being arty and some wee cheeky drinks at night.

 Ally's friend brought a million cheese strings standard.

 In the evening we went to a arty BBQ hosted by a group called the Tin Roof they do lots of art projects/shows/collaborations/live music/party's. It was really awesome and inspiring and they built this awesome grill from scratch wonderful most bad ass grill!

What a wonderful day minus the sun burn and feeling out of it the next day but totally worth it!
I'm back home visiting the folks as my Dad's ill but all should be well and hopefully then can start clearing out the new place better.

Then can maybe give you guys a tour eh!?

Hope you guys have had a good weekend!
Take care

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

We finally moved and some beach time

Feeling a bit shy about this picture but yes we have finally moved into our new place! Excuse my scruffy-ness had been cleaning a flat for six days and doing heavy lifting up and down stairs in this heatwave don't ya know!

Much to my dismay been tidying the new flat up and getting organised the past couple of days so been a busy bee! But been missing out the sunshine but can't wait to get the place looking nice and especially our new garden can't wait to show you guys!

But that didn't stop Ally's Mum from giving us a little trip to the beach in between it all :)

 Oh look a Karboot at the beach where I didn't buy some more antique cameras that I don't need. >_>

Harley made some friends!

I decided to cheer up myself a bit and dress all pretty and summery to help the stress of moving a bit better. I don't take pictures of my face so much these days trying to get less shy about showing it again.

These were also some of my new buys in the big New Look sale last week.

Shirt: New Look
Dress: New Look/ Belt came with dress

Back to part time work again tomorrow but I'll hopefully have the place a bit more spruced up. 
So many pictures I'm excited to show you guys and ideas for my little blog and finally a tripod to start vlogging! 
Bare with me guys I'll get there!

You enjoying the beautiful weather too!
Take care