Tuesday, 9 July 2013

We finally moved and some beach time

Feeling a bit shy about this picture but yes we have finally moved into our new place! Excuse my scruffy-ness had been cleaning a flat for six days and doing heavy lifting up and down stairs in this heatwave don't ya know!

Much to my dismay been tidying the new flat up and getting organised the past couple of days so been a busy bee! But been missing out the sunshine but can't wait to get the place looking nice and especially our new garden can't wait to show you guys!

But that didn't stop Ally's Mum from giving us a little trip to the beach in between it all :)

 Oh look a Karboot at the beach where I didn't buy some more antique cameras that I don't need. >_>

Harley made some friends!

I decided to cheer up myself a bit and dress all pretty and summery to help the stress of moving a bit better. I don't take pictures of my face so much these days trying to get less shy about showing it again.

These were also some of my new buys in the big New Look sale last week.

Shirt: New Look
Dress: New Look/ Belt came with dress

Back to part time work again tomorrow but I'll hopefully have the place a bit more spruced up. 
So many pictures I'm excited to show you guys and ideas for my little blog and finally a tripod to start vlogging! 
Bare with me guys I'll get there!

You enjoying the beautiful weather too!
Take care


  1. I am so unbelievably excited for you, Deborah! and I just can't stop watching at your first photo - it is so adorable and... happy♥♥♥ Congratulations!!!!

    1. Aw hun your so sweet and kind!
      That means so much to me!
      All this moving and working business keeps me from less blogging sadly.
      I want to do more soon always enjoy visiting your useful posts so sweet! xx