Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Some thrifting and some BBQ fun!

Hello peeps! 
What is this weather like recently huh?! States Mrs Obvious. Because of this gorgeous sunshine which I'm loving despite the slight burns and sleepy days. 

I've not really been getting much of anything done to our new place theirs still stuff EVERYWHERE?! Including some boxes unpacked as of yet and arranging of things not even unpacked my printer or have anywhere to do arty projects.

So thought I would show you guys some stuff I wanted to post a while ago that was lurking on my camera. As well as the recent BBQ fun in the sun!

This was an adorable address book given to me my Alastair's Grandma and she always does cute things like this for me. She loves charity shops and so do we all and she always thinks of me and gets me little treats.

It's actually so lovely cause my Granny's passed away when I was young and they were pretty amazing people and I miss them. I'll do some posts about them one day but I did do an art project about one of them here. So it's really nice that Ally's Gran treats me like her own Gran daughter.

It's so adorable I love it and it's just the kinda things I like! Nothing can beat old fashion illustrations of pretty girls. :)

I also thirfted this little blue shirt for only two pounds this is one of my fave colors just now and it has a little peter pan collar and everything! I'll wear it soon and post a new outfit for you guys and show you more happy finds! ;)

But yes what a glorious day me and Ally got the day off together this Sunday which is a rare occasion these days. We invited some other peeps and all in all it was a truly marvelous day filled with laughs, tasty food, being arty and some wee cheeky drinks at night.

 Ally's friend brought a million cheese strings standard.

 In the evening we went to a arty BBQ hosted by a group called the Tin Roof they do lots of art projects/shows/collaborations/live music/party's. It was really awesome and inspiring and they built this awesome grill from scratch wonderful most bad ass grill!

What a wonderful day minus the sun burn and feeling out of it the next day but totally worth it!
I'm back home visiting the folks as my Dad's ill but all should be well and hopefully then can start clearing out the new place better.

Then can maybe give you guys a tour eh!?

Hope you guys have had a good weekend!
Take care


  1. yay i love that blue peter pan collar blouse! so pretty. can't wait to see it in your outfit!
    and what a great bbq party! it seems so much fun.

    1. Aww shucks thanks hun!
      I'll try to post the outfit soon!
      Aw yeahs it's been great already had 3 BBQ's the past few weeks it's been crazy with food here ha ha!

  2. Yes we want a room tour! Some great vintage picks here, would love to see more! Looks like you've been having a fun time, hope it stays that way for as long as possible, such a lovely post!

    1. Some places of the flat have piles of stuff but I'll get on that room tour!
      Aw thanks hun I actually adore vintage/charity shop buys I'll try to post more.

      Been itching to also do beauty buys/review posts too!
      Yeahs It's been nice been busy past few weeks hope your having a good time to recently :D xx

  3. The address book is so pretty, you're lucky to have a lovely lady to buy you such treats! :) xx


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    2. Aww thanks a lot hun! Yeahs she's pretty sweet I love her a lot!
      Your blog is adorable I love it! Your beach packing post reminded me of my recent holiday packing post too! 8D

  4. Looks like you have a great time. Hope your father get better. xx Thanks for your comment.

    1. Oh hello it's so nice to hear from you! You had a nice summer?
      He's doing a lot better now thanks for asking :) xx