Monday, 30 December 2013

Christmas and new year reflections

Hey Peeps did you guys have a nice Christmas?
Mines was pretty good family came over, got lots of nice presents and ate lots of food you know the drill! My parents are the Grandparents so it's always been a tradition for everyone to come to ours on Christmas and have a huge Christmas Dinner. My parents put a lot of effort into making the home perfect for everyone. My Mum does usually all the decorating and my dad prepares and makes the Christmas dinner which takes most of Christmas Eve and as well as Christmas day.




After everyone left after all playing the wii together which is another tradition. Me, parents and the lovely sat down to veg all that Christmas dinner and watch Dr Who. Still dunno how to feel about it was interesting ha ha!

Offt been thinking about how the year went a lot in general and wanting to answer or sum it all up as either a good or bad year but it's actually been very difficult. I keep looking at all those question thingys people make and thinking about the answers so I might just try to do one of them to help with that. Don't mind if you would like to do it to would be cool to see your answers. :)

1. What was the single best thing that happened this past year?
That's hard to put into one single thing but it's probably spending time with my family and friends more it's made such a difference. :)
2. What was the single most challenging thing that happened?
Probably having to deal the awful living conditions in my old flat was in and old flat 'mates'. Our flat flooded a few times and we had builders in and out constantly which caused more damage and being woken up at 8 every day. Plus we had to breathe in dust and dirt which cause illness five times. Then the Landlord turned nasty four days before we were supposed to leave when we were good tenants and paid rent all year despite what we were going through.
3. What was an unexpected joy this past year?
Taking my Dad to Poland for his birthday which has been a dream of his and being able to let him experience all its history.
My nephew being allowed to come up to my student town after being banned from seeing him for nearly a year.
Daft punk coming back and being more amazing than ever.
4. What was an unexpected obstacle?
Having my work team and my boss create untrue rumours about me and scare mongering me into stopping an enquiry about bullying with threatening lies.
Finding out my Dog has Cancer.
5. Pick three words to describe 2013.
Fast, Social, Human.
6. What were the best books you read this year?
Maus, The Secret Garden, Tales from Watership Down
7. With whom were your most valuable relationships?
My parents, my classmates who are my friends, My nephew, Alistair.
8. What was your biggest personal change from January to December of this past year?
I stopped being afraid to seek out help and went to see a therapist who told me truths that no one else would.
9. In what way(s) did you grow emotionally?
Emotionally became more stable apart from one mental break down. Sadly have became more numb and accepting of things not changing when they need to. Less expressive creatively and outwardly to others.
10. In what way(s) did you grow spiritually?
Been thinking about religion a lot this year in general and wondering if it could possibly help me. But I know I probably won't ever be able to take the plunge or accept all of a belief full heartly.
11. In what way(s) did you grow physically?
My feet got more deformed since I do walk around so much and noticed the changes in my body from getting older. I'm more confident in how my body is and looks than I have ever been.
12. In what way(s) did you grow in your relationships with others?
A got a lot closer to some of my classmates this year and now I don't know what it was like before I met them. Relationships with my parents get stronger every year. People let me in a lot and show me them selves at their most vulnerable so I grow with nearly every single person I met even if it's a drunken state on a night out.
13. What was your single biggest time waster in your life this past year?
Part time job
14. What was the best way you used your time this past year?
Spending time and being ridiculous with friends and family. 
15. What was the biggest thing you learned this past year?
Doing what is best for myself or others isn't always wrong or shameful. That I need to throw myself into art again.

It's actually been such a crazy year guys I hope next year will be good too. I hope it was good for all you too if you guys do this to let me know :)
Take care

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Everything is still dizzy when you see Placebo and friends


Hey peeps I've been running around even though Uni is gone till January. There's been a lot of celebrating and catching up with friends again with some nights out chucked in the mix. A lot of my peeps are going home for the holidays so been catching up with them having tea and general chat with films and video games in the mix. 


A very dear friend of mine is also on her way to Canada for an exchange so we sent her on her way with a little bundle of Canada related presents. Including the Ryan Gosling colouring in book, you gotta have that.

Amongst my adventures remember when I said a friend of mine bought tickets for me and them to see a band? Well we finally went to see them last Friday and the band was Placebo?!

First song ever heard by them.

It was actually so good had a great time and was so surreal to see them live. They were the band that I grew up with in High school and where 'that band' that got me through all the rough times. I think we all had at least one band who did that for us all. I was so obsessed with these guys that it was sick knew everything about them and knew every lyric and song. But never went to see them cause was young and parents wouldn't let me go on my own. But seeing them older was pretty amazing but also surreal and it's just like wow I used to be into these guys so much?!
 But they do a good show would totally recommend them.

Besides all the hefty Christmas shopping that I've been pretty lazy about doing in all honesty I picked up a couple of things for myself. Their is a lot of bargains just now and it was after finishing all my course work. 
The dresses come from New Look and I got them both pretty cheap from the original price. Best thing ever when you discover you can buy kids clothes for cheaper prices. 
Kids have beautiful clothes these days!

Since it was getting a little chilly I thought it would be good to invest in some cardigans in colours that match most of my other outfits.

The colours look a bit washed out in the photos apologies but the dress is black and the last cardigan is emerald green.

I'll be going home to see my family for Christmas by the weekend more peeps want to see me before I have to go. Then that will be very busy and crazy as it always is as well. 

 Dress: New Look
Jumper: George Asda
Shoes: Primark

My swan princess look I loved that movie as a kid it's the best not worn so much blue before but I think I like it.

You guys going home for Christmas?


Take care

Friday, 6 December 2013

Beauty Product Review : Lily of the Valley shower gel and Sanctuary bath creme

It has been a while since I've did one of these reviews but I would like to get back into the swing of things around here. I used these products up a while ago but I still wanted to share them with you guys.

The happiest being the highest and the saddest being the lowest.

Lily of the Valley Shower Gel

This little guy didn't last me a great length of time maybe about a month, maybe less than that but I mean it is a small bottle. It came in another set of products with the same theme and brand but I have yet to use them. 
The smell of the product is probably the best thing about it if you like weak but natural smelling products. This smell was also a favourite of my Grandmother and she would always smell like it so the product has some memory attachment for me.
Since it is a shower gel it does have a gel like consistency so personally it doesn't feel that pleasant on the skin for me anyway. It's almost like it's washing up liquid but using it on other parts of your body feels a bit strange ha ha. But it does make you feel cleaner and refreshed since after using it.
Price wise I can't argue with as it was a gift and as part of a small beauty set and as far as I'm aware the set is from Poundland so it is a great stocking filler for just £1.00.
The packaging is clean and crisp and using the simple lay out of text and the image it is clear and to the point of what the product is. The colour of green and white also gives the impression of it being natural and to cleanse if you like that sort of thing.
Personally I don't think I would buy this product again because of the little amount you get. It wasn't to my taste of how it felt on my skin but I wouldn't mind trying other alternative products with Lily of the Valley scent.





Not one of the best products but as a little extra for friends or yourself and as a money saver not bad.

Sanctuary bath creme

This product ended up lasting me a great length of time for being such a small bottle it lasted for a good few months if used nearly every wash. It also came in another set of products of different kinds I'm still using them currently to try the others out. The smell of the product is quite strong I found like a perfume since it has coconut, honey, and spices which gave it's smell a kick. I personally like all those kind of smells apart from the spices but if your someone who doesn't like mature strong smelling perfume wouldn't recommend this.
I enjoyed washing myself with this product as the consistency of the liquid was really creamy and soft and you get a lot of the product in just one squeeze. It feels very soft and luxurious on the skin and I 
felt very clean and pampered after using it.
Cost on it's own I can't find it on the website but I have found the beauty set it is part of. £13.10 isn't bad at all for the quality of product you get and the other different types included in the set.
The Packaging is quite pleasant and I do like the design and body shape for holding would say it looks pretty fancy ha ha. I do really like the design on the beauty set box as it is already like it is gift wrapped if you were wanting to give it as a present.
Overall the product is really good quality and presentation is great but think I would rather buy the set for a friend than rather for myself the next time.





Pretty positive over all my experience was of this product and wouldn't mind using again but would also like to buy for a friend.

That was really fun to do one of these again! 
Do you guys have any fave bath products just now to help you keep toasty and relax during the festive holidays?

I have finally managed some cheeky recent buys and outfits in between being free from uni and Christmas shopping. You guys looking forward to Christmas?

Take care

Monday, 2 December 2013

The past three months summed up in pictures

Oh my lovelys all I have known for the past four months is constant university work and constantly going to university.

It has been a very stressful and busy time indeed their has been a lot of negative events that have happened to my family. Including my dog having a tumour and it has been up and down news if there is anything we can do to save him. Also for a while my health wasn't to great again and I had depression and didn't leave my flat for about a week and more. It caused me to have a complete mental breakdown in a public street but I'm feeling better now.

This was due to being a therapist for everyone else around me and helping out with their troubles and neglecting my own. Yeah I'm that friend for everyone you might be that one to or know a dear friend who you turn to often. My relationship was slipping away as well but were working on it. And yet Christmas is just around the corner and it's now a sad time of year because half of the family still won't talk to each other and be there for christmas.

I have missed all your blogs and amazing comments so much it's been difficult to not have my little place of getting everything out and feeling better. For lack of better words and now finally having the quiet at 5.40 am to write back to you all. Here has been the last three months in pictures mostly good times.

I've had many shared dinners and food nights with my new beautiful friends.

I also made an interactive ibook for the ipad.

Been in and out of woods a lot and it has helped my mood been loving autumn.

Me and Ally dressed up as Daft Punk for Halloween this year.

Finally celebrated Bonfire night in my student town.

Helped out my friends and classmates with their art projects and shows including them making a film.

And had my work ready for assessment.

It's now time to rest a bit and start getting ready for to say goodbye to friends for the holidays and Christmas shopping. I hope your last few months have been great guys and I hope to catch up with you all soon.

Take care