Monday, 2 December 2013

The past three months summed up in pictures

Oh my lovelys all I have known for the past four months is constant university work and constantly going to university.

It has been a very stressful and busy time indeed their has been a lot of negative events that have happened to my family. Including my dog having a tumour and it has been up and down news if there is anything we can do to save him. Also for a while my health wasn't to great again and I had depression and didn't leave my flat for about a week and more. It caused me to have a complete mental breakdown in a public street but I'm feeling better now.

This was due to being a therapist for everyone else around me and helping out with their troubles and neglecting my own. Yeah I'm that friend for everyone you might be that one to or know a dear friend who you turn to often. My relationship was slipping away as well but were working on it. And yet Christmas is just around the corner and it's now a sad time of year because half of the family still won't talk to each other and be there for christmas.

I have missed all your blogs and amazing comments so much it's been difficult to not have my little place of getting everything out and feeling better. For lack of better words and now finally having the quiet at 5.40 am to write back to you all. Here has been the last three months in pictures mostly good times.

I've had many shared dinners and food nights with my new beautiful friends.

I also made an interactive ibook for the ipad.

Been in and out of woods a lot and it has helped my mood been loving autumn.

Me and Ally dressed up as Daft Punk for Halloween this year.

Finally celebrated Bonfire night in my student town.

Helped out my friends and classmates with their art projects and shows including them making a film.

And had my work ready for assessment.

It's now time to rest a bit and start getting ready for to say goodbye to friends for the holidays and Christmas shopping. I hope your last few months have been great guys and I hope to catch up with you all soon.

Take care

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