Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Everything is still dizzy when you see Placebo and friends


Hey peeps I've been running around even though Uni is gone till January. There's been a lot of celebrating and catching up with friends again with some nights out chucked in the mix. A lot of my peeps are going home for the holidays so been catching up with them having tea and general chat with films and video games in the mix. 


A very dear friend of mine is also on her way to Canada for an exchange so we sent her on her way with a little bundle of Canada related presents. Including the Ryan Gosling colouring in book, you gotta have that.

Amongst my adventures remember when I said a friend of mine bought tickets for me and them to see a band? Well we finally went to see them last Friday and the band was Placebo?!

First song ever heard by them.

It was actually so good had a great time and was so surreal to see them live. They were the band that I grew up with in High school and where 'that band' that got me through all the rough times. I think we all had at least one band who did that for us all. I was so obsessed with these guys that it was sick knew everything about them and knew every lyric and song. But never went to see them cause was young and parents wouldn't let me go on my own. But seeing them older was pretty amazing but also surreal and it's just like wow I used to be into these guys so much?!
 But they do a good show would totally recommend them.

Besides all the hefty Christmas shopping that I've been pretty lazy about doing in all honesty I picked up a couple of things for myself. Their is a lot of bargains just now and it was after finishing all my course work. 
The dresses come from New Look and I got them both pretty cheap from the original price. Best thing ever when you discover you can buy kids clothes for cheaper prices. 
Kids have beautiful clothes these days!

Since it was getting a little chilly I thought it would be good to invest in some cardigans in colours that match most of my other outfits.

The colours look a bit washed out in the photos apologies but the dress is black and the last cardigan is emerald green.

I'll be going home to see my family for Christmas by the weekend more peeps want to see me before I have to go. Then that will be very busy and crazy as it always is as well. 

 Dress: New Look
Jumper: George Asda
Shoes: Primark

My swan princess look I loved that movie as a kid it's the best not worn so much blue before but I think I like it.

You guys going home for Christmas?


Take care


  1. Oh very cute dresses!


    1. Hee hee glad you think so hun the doll in me can't resist them! xx