Friday, 11 October 2013

Some recent buys, sushi making with friends with uni work and outfit post

Hey guys been currently dying of the cold I've had it for a couple of weeks sadly so things have been a bit slow. But kinda funny I had no voice for a few days so that must of been a given for some people cause I like to talk a lot haha!

But I've had a lot of work for university as well but powered through it despite illness and still been going to my part time job. Today has been the first day I got to spend some time in bed to recover of sorts.

Before I got ill and busy with uni work tho I had some adventures I can show you guys I don't wanna neglect this little internet space of mine. D8

Since it is getting a a lot colder these days thought it would be a good idea to invest in some warm/pretty clothes went on a mini spree and got myself some things from New Look's online shop. I had not did an online shop as big as this before as being so far behind in the internet shopping wonders of our time. I'm usually someone who enjoys exploring shops and trying things on before I buy them or spending that time with a friend.

I got this fox Hoodie and fell in love with it in the actual shop but couldn't get it at the time it's also my fave colour for autumn burgundy. It's also from the kids section of new look but their is other animals to choose from in the adult section. But a fox with a moustache what more could you want out of life!

Can't express how much joy this Hoodie has brought people around me and I wear it everyday creepily like a second skin.

I got this cute light blue denim looking dress as well and it was on sale so it was a bit cheaper. The reason I wanted it though was because I was itching for a light blue flared skirt and they were always quite pricey. But this caught my eye and was a lot cheaper and I can pull over a cosy jumper and have the collar poke out the top. Thought it was a nicer option and it came with a cute belt to. :)

This has became one of my fav things to wear just now I adore the pattern and how it looks like a tapestry it's so cosy and comfortable too. Feel like a lady when wearing it and the best thing ever that is has pockets!

To take the postage up to being free they had a deal on to buy a scarf and you could get another free so I got these cute little guys. One has pretty birds and flowers in trees on it and the other is a print of little owls on it for more darker wardrobe. Their so pretty and I'm so pleased with how quick all the items came in the post was exciting!

I'll have to try this online shopping again in the future. :)

A dear uni friend of mine invited me and my other friend over to hers one night to make sushi with each other. I had never made sushi before and that was evident in my results ha ha but my goodness it was some of the most delicious food I've ever had. I would totally recommend making and consuming fresh sushi.

It was such an awesome night filled with catching up, laughter, good vibes, and food look forward to doing it again so much!

In uni life I've been working on a lot of things despite my cold I had some deadlines already this week so apologies for lack of bloggage.

I spent the whole of Wednesday creating this little diorama based on a short story we had to study in class. Ally helped me with the LED lights since I had not used them before but I found and created everything else for the box. 

These were the sides of the boxes based on the story.

I created a little drawer for the box as well and lined it with playing cards and little bits and pieces. My teachers were pleased so hoorah!

For my other class I've been using a lot of natural materials and putting them into resin and doing photo shoots outside in woods. The blog for this project is here.

Hello Mr Tree!

So yeahs I have been doing things but sadly been so busy not managed to have even half an hour to myself to write some blog posts for you guys. ): I've been trying to keep up with everyone's blogs as well so apologies guys. I've got next week off to catch up with reading for university but hopefully some other cheeky blog posts and some Deborah time. 
That is if this cold shifts by then too!

It's been a while since I took this outfit picture.

Dress: Primark
Tights: Primark
Blazer: Primark
Brogues: Primark

I wore this while having coffee with a friend well she had the coffee I had tea. :)

Hopefully I'll be on the mind soon and catch up with you all.

Have a lovely weekend peeps.
Take Care