Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Poland Holiday with simple facial wash review and flat troubles

Hey everyone I'm back from my holiday in Poland with my Dad and I had a great time even though it rained there the whole time : D Been back since Friday morning but had a lot going on in my flat which has made things very stressful for me and Ally. Been working since I got back and this is my first day off so I finally had the time to update you guys on the holiday and goings on.

Came back after work on Monday to find out our Flat has had water trouble and has been basically flooded which has put strain on packing up everything for the new flat move. We've had no clean water to bathe, wash up or to even drink so things have been tough. We've also had trouble with the landlord about getting it fixed but I'll not go into that.

It's been fixed temporarily today which has gave us a break from the awful stinky water smell and the smell we were starting to have from lack of baths ha ha. But we've been busy dealing with it having to keep cleaning up the soggy floors in between our jobs and packing. The landlord is wanting to put in new carpets in the flat on Thursday as well which I'm not sure if it's possible with all the work on the water pipes going on.

So it's been stressful and I'm hoping it will get fixed tomorrow and we'll be able to move out by this weekend and get our deposits back in one piece.

Now on to more happier things I'll show you some snapshots from the Poland Holiday! 
We went to the  beautiful city of Krakow which has so many things to see and do. Our holiday apartment was round the corner from the main square and this cute little market which was there everyday :) Made the ideal location and had all the tourist information parts near by too.

Polish food is so delicious as you will see in other pics in this post!

Was laughing for half an hour to a confused Dad about this wall!

My Dad has always had a great interest in history especially about WWII and Krakow during this time suffered a great deal in this time period. For some info Poland was invaded and took over by Germany within a week and had one of the largest Jewish populations before the Nazi's final solution. So Krakow has very dark history since the Jewish ghetto is here as well as a bit further out the infamous Auschwitz but as well as the Oskar Schindler's factory.

We visited these places and they are worthwhile experience I was so impressed with the Schindler factory it was so beautiful the way they have presented it. I went to Krakow on a school trip in 2006 and we went to Auschwitz and Schindler's factory but at that point it was only his office.

My Dad has always wanted to visit these places but has never had the money or the chance and me and my folks have been through a great deal in the last few years. I bought this holiday for Dad as a birthday present and it let us spend time together.  
My Mum is afraid of flying which answers why she didn't come XD

These windows are outside the factory and I found it to be such a moving idea they are the pictures of all the Jewish people that Schindler saved. And the pictures represent the same people who are still alive today and when one of them passes they take away their picture in the window square.

This was an art installation inside Schindler's office and it was a square structure filled with all the pots and pans that were made in the factory and on the inside was the list of all the Jewish workers names. Thought it was so amazing and beautiful I'll need to look up the Artist who's name is under the images.

Over all I had a great holiday and I think my Dad enjoyed it too we had a lot of Father Daughter moments and some silly moments of Dad being a grumpy old man. But it was a very reflective holiday because of the dark places we visited but still very beautiful and inspiring.

I used the travel size Simple Refreshing Gel Facial Wash while there and used it pretty much everyday. 

It was warm in Krakow but it did get cooler as the days passed which didn't dry out my skin so much and neither did the Facial wash. It was not harsh or abrasive and my skin always felt quite clean and soft after it's use. I would recommend this for travel especially if you have sensitive skin like me but maybe not for long periods of use since mine was for only four days. For a deeper cleanse you would need something a little stronger. :)

 Did a quick little outfit post in the hotel room.

Dress: H&M
Tights: Primark
Shoes: George Asda

I have some recent buys that I'm excited to show you guys but I sadly have to get back to packing for the big move. Hoping the flat will stay in once piece and not flood me out before this weekends big move.

You guys had any holidays?

Take care

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