Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Visiting home packed with adventures with summer outfit and little goings on.

Hey peeps!
Was home visiting the folks last week for a few days and packed a lot of mini adventures into a few days including cosy nights on the couch in front of the Tele and family dinners again. 
Which is so lovely to do since I don't watch TV anymore and cook all my meals since becoming a student but nothing beats home cooking does it? :)

An old dear friend of mine who was studying in London for quite a while came back up to visit his family and see me for a day in the city! 8D
I've missed him a lot he's such a lovely person and always shows me amazing things and we appreciate each others interests.

We spent the day having lunch at a beautiful cafe we always used to go to every weekend and it was delicious! Propper old catch up was abound and it was beautiful! He took me to a Fuel Juice Bar which I hadn't tried before but it was super yummy and perfect for this hot weather. We then went into a new Forever 21 oh my what a beautiful store can't wait till I have some pennies after payday XD

We then went exploring some more and he took me to a new chocolate store that just opened for the first time in Scotland from the original in London. He got me a little bag of chocy's and their so tasty and the packaging is so sweet! Of course to end the day we went to Waterstones looked at books and talked about books one of my favourite thing's to do in life!

What a wonderful day I hope we see each other again soon. :)

Me and the folks had a beautiful walk along a Canal that's nearby my family home and it was such a wonderful day. I adore nature so much and it's the happiest I can be when it surrounds me.

What a beautiful little home to have right on the canal it's like a dream house guys! *0*

Baby birds in the garden and some tasty sushi as a treat for me!

And now some little random-ness I dunno if their particularly interesting but I thought it would be funny to show you guys.

Has anyone ever seen one of these before?

It's called a Doughnut Peach and my folks bought some and hadn't seen anything like it thought it was so cute and strange. But their very juicy and yummy I would recommend them if you wanna try them ha ha!

GASP! Deborah drawing?! yes I actually started drawing something again and it's been such a long time. All summer had these plans for art projects and things to create but overtime at my job and general life has made me to tired all the time sadly. But I hope to make this part of some new designs for my little blog. Do you guys like my blog the way it is? I thought it could use some artistic flare to reflect my personality. :)

Top: New Look
Vest: George Asda
Shorts: Primark
Shoes: Primark

Remember my thrifted blue shirt from my last post? Yup I wore it to the canal walk I thought it would look nicer over a white shirt since it has been so hot recently and it will look better on colder days buttoned up with jeans.

That's been my adventures so far in between working I hope to get some of my little illustrations finished soon and some little projects since my printer is now set up!

Hows your week been guys?

Take care
Love Debz


  1. OMG, Deborah! I'm so incredibly happy you had such an amazing time - so many adventures, wow! And I can't wait to see what you get at Forever21;-)))

    1. Aw your always so lovely and positive about my posts it's such a great wee boost!
      Yeahs I'' have to take a wee trip there soon sometime been to busy to go shopping for myself these days ha ha.
      Hope all is well on your end :) xx