Friday, 3 January 2014

Some Adventures in Edinburgh while visiting home

Hey everyone hope your keeping safe and dry if your in the UK.
It's been about two weeks I was at home visiting my family for the holidays and I did have a great time being able to sleep and eat so much. But now I'm back home in my cosy flat with my lovely to go back to my part time job. Before leaving home I did manage to squeeze in some adventures.

With my folks and my nephew we decided to visit Edinburgh for a day to go to the National Portrait Gallery and visit the Christmas market fair. The city was very beautiful and all the lights made the city look pretty magical which distracted me from noticing the cold had made my toes go bye bye.

Our first stop was the national portrait gallery and it was actually to find a painting of my Great Auntie the Author and Children's book writer Mollie Hunter. I had found out about her a few brief months ago and what an amazing lady she must of been. I always wondered where I got my creative side from since no one else really in our family does the arts but she gave me hope. She sadly passed away in 2012 as a distant relative of my Dad's so unfortunately I didn't get to meet her in person. Maybe will do an art project about her life someday sounds like a plan. It was so exciting to find out about all her history and I've started one of her books just now.

Sadly her painting has been put into storage and has been there this whole time without my Dad or the families knowledge. The Gallery said they swap the paintings around so they would put it back up eventually which I hope we see soon. :)

Despite this we enjoyed the rest of the gallery very much all the paintings are so grand and makes me want to draw and paint again. My parents and nephew really enjoyed it as well and my family don't usually go to much galleries or any creative related things. We also headed on to enjoy the Christmas market and luckily the rain had stopped so I could take some snaps for you guys.

Some tasty soup to warm me up! 
We got food at a stand that sold Buffalo burgers which was a bit new to us my mum didn't enjoy it ha ha.

Oh my how magical it all looked and was we only were there for a few hours but it was still a really nice time. Cups of tea were calling us home as we were frozen and the weather had been causing travel problems so we thought better to head home.

Other than that I had spent some time with my lovely and his family and we all sat down to watch the return of Sherlock to Britain. Was not disappointed it's so exciting it's back! Was also to say thank you for all the Christmas gifts they gave me I really did get spoiled by both my families this year so much stuff aaaaaah!

We also took a trip to see Ally's Gran to have lunch in her home and she has the cutest and sweetest house ever. Would love my home to be like hers when I'm older she looks after me like I'm her Grand daughter which is so kind of her. I love her a lot cause I don't have my Gran's around any more so to see Ally's Gran is such a delight. She even called me on Boxing day to thank me so much for the slippers I got her for Christmas was over whelmed by the cuteness.

Was nice to be back home but there's only so much you can do before you need to get back to the real world. I sadly have not had any outfits to post again but I will try to do some more soon. I'll be having a busy weekend since it is my birthday and because of work. I'll keep you guys up to date on the bday celebrations and before I have to go back to university.

Hope you guys have a lovely weekend.
Take care


  1. Oh very amazing and lovely pics dear,


  2. great pictures
    i'd love to go to scotland!


    your dressing gown sister haha

    Inspirations Have I None

    1. Aw cool you should come sometime it's pretty cool and lots to do!
      Haha oh my wearing it right now! XD xx

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    1. Thank you so much dear looking forward to your new illustrations. <3