Saturday, 28 June 2014

Euphoria tornado

Secretly I have been experimenting with body movement and listening to music when I can't sleep which is often. Not just using my body for dancing which is a happy past time but using my physical and mental ability to express movement and emotion based on each audio track.

Tonight was very profound from start to finish of a certain song my whole being was a euphoria tornado. My movements and emotions very intense I had forgot everything around me and everything that ever mattered. It was just my body and soul, pulsing and twitching to the audio pumping into my ears. Very much so that I scratched my limbs and skin raw but not so much to escape but that the audio made me, nay it commanded me!

It was not planned or expected it was purely my body and emotions carrying me on this small journey which felt like a lifetime but was only a couple of minutes. It was all that mattered and ever mattered in those moments it felt like my body created a void for it and it's all that ever was.

Some sort of artistic ecstasy I have never known, maybe others have felt this before?

Maybe it should be continued as performance art but it doesn't feel like it's something than can be contained.

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