Friday, 14 June 2013

Finally made an Online portfolio and some recent adventures!

Hello Peeps!
I finally did my online portfolio! Can't express how long been wanting to do one of these bad boys!

You can find it here! DEBZ ONLINE PORTFOLIO I'll be adding more in the future!

If you don't know I'm an art student and art is a massive part of my life when I'm creating it or enjoying seeing other creative peoples work. And I've always felt it was important to have presence as an artist online as well as offline. So this portfolio took a lot of work and sums up my educational projects in the past 5-7 years. I also do a lot of arty things on the side such as comics and little Illustrations its just a bit more tricky these days when things are so busy.

Speaking of being busy been sorting out arrangements to move into the new flat for July and also preparing my Holiday to Poland with my Dad.

Zlotys...Zlotys everywhere...

Also had a very dear and old friend visiting me this week and we had such a lovely time. I showed him around my student town and we took pictures and climbed a massive hill!


Been enjoying taking pictures outside recently it's been the best even though it's been soooo warm!
Kinda been drawing in my mole skin as well but not really that exciting to show you X3

Also have you guys heard of this band?

Steam Powered Giraffe are the best thing I've been shown in soooo long their music and style are right up my street loooooooove them! I hope you do too!

Had this little guy for a while but this is my watercolor skirt and I adore it so much!
Watercolor is my favorite type of painting *u*

Blouse: TK MAX
Vest: George
Skirt: H&M

OH one more thing I made blog loving account and a button on the right hand side thur!

You guys been having a good week at all?

Take care

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