Thursday, 6 June 2013

Some sad news and a quick summery update of sorts

My SD card for my camera totally died on me and it was reallleeee upsetting and I had so much stuff to show you guys it was unreal.

Including quite a few outfit posts, adventures a long a beautiful canal with wildlife, anniversary outfit post with me and Ally, recent thrift shop buys and some other nifty things.

So sorry about that guys guess this new blog isn't going ahead as planned :( so I got another new SD card so it hopefully won't happen again. 
I'll try to catch up with some of these things hopefully soon.

Been home visiting my family this week so I got some snap shots of our recent BBQ and a lovely walk in the sunshine for now.

New Life from past life :)

 Such a huge nature lover it's always so beautiful and blows me away it's also surreal since I played in these woods a lot when I was little.

My doggie Kris!

It was a mini party BBQ for my niece's birthday and most of the family was there. The food was all eaten before any pictures could be taken cause we were all really hungry ha ha!

This sunshine has been lovely so I'm always full and sleepy like a big bear ready for the winter.

So scruffy and sweaty but here's a quick outfit post I really need a spring tune up. 
Especially a new hair cut and probably a new everything ha ha.

Need to go back to working on my online portfolio need to stop eating and sleeping so much!
And partying with peeps ha ha oh dear!

Vest: Primark
Shirt: Primark
Dress: Primark
Shoes: Gift

You guys doing anything awesome in the sunshine?

take care


  1. I LOVE the owl print top! Such a great find, lovely pictures :)


    1. Thank you so much I adore nature to much outside and in fashion ha ha! Loving your new outfit posts good to see you so happy! xx