Saturday, 7 September 2013

University is all upons and recent buys including some thrifting

Hey Peeps! University is starting again next week I'm super excited but also super terrified I want to do so well this year. Their's a lot of stuff to do and lots of things to go see and explore in the city and art world for students just now. Going to try to do as much as I can feeling a lot more optimistic and inspired these days and going to have fun.

I've been seeing a lot of friends recently with lots of catching up which is great and comes with the a new study year package. So been talking a lot and loving a lot it's all been great especially being there for friends and talking about how we really are in the same boat these days.

But with all of this will make things a lot more busy and I caught up with my parents recently and bought some new pretty things for my pad. As you guys know I love my bargains and couldn't resist these little finds.

I've always wanted a sun hat they remind me so much of long summer days and spring mornings of kindly old ladies exploring their gardens and taking in simple life pleasures. 
I thrifted this little beauty and at a mere £2.00 I could not resist especially a Laura Ashley! *o*

Having a love for all things nature like is my weakness. So seeing this little cutie I knew I had to get him me and Ally had our letters all over the place so it's became really handy! £1.00

Our little place is looking more like a cosy home than a student flat and it's making me feel so much more relaxed and happy to come back home at the end of the day. Got a couple of things which helped with this a lot and I really should do a flat tour for you all. :D

 I got these very soft throws for our really busy patterned couches and their so comfortable and their was pillows with Deers on them. 
They had to be bought!
 For those of you who don't know me so well I adore Deers and anything with Deers on them just instantly attracted to them! I have a whole set of clothes that have a deer theme. 
Maybe a deer themed post someday? ;)
And with the pillows being put down to £2.00 even better!

As I said my parents were up visiting to and when uni starts I don't get to come home so much. 
So we took the chance to go to the beach since it was such a lovely day for us to spend together. :)

Their was a castle on the beach it was pretty cool.

It was a lovely day out as always I enjoy spending a lot of time with my folks would say were like friends as well as family sometimes. :)

But Uni is upon and been sorting stuff out for that and thinking of ideas I want to do for new projects. This wouldn't be complete without some cute notebooks and sketchbooks.

Bring on the Uni!

I also took this outfit post for a cinema night out dunno how I feel about the combination of these outfit pieces. But hey I like experimenting.

Lace cardigan: Thrifted
Blouse: Primark
Shorts: Primark
Shoes: Primark

Hope you guys have a lovely week.

Take care


  1. great pictures, love your outfit and your little notebooks

    good luck on your new year :)


    Inspirations Have I None

    1. Thanks hun glad you liked the piccys! Thanks a lot same to you! :) xx