Monday, 2 September 2013

Beauty Product review : Technic Nail Polish and Collection Blush and free Nail Varnish

Hey everybody thanks for all the lovely comments on the previous post I'm starting to feel a bit better. Been seeing a lot of friends again recently and went to a party the other night which has helped with the spirits. Finding it hard to part with money to buy pretty things tho and I'm not really sure why. It's kinda silly cause sometimes feel guilty spending money on myself and always keep in mind I need it for rent/bills/food shopping/art supplies first. I dunno other girls I've spoke to sometimes get this feeling as well or does anyone else get this feeling? Cause logically I know money you work hard for should be used to reward yourself every now and again.

Uni is just around the corner for a new semester and I want to focus on getting through that. I still want to blog cause I enjoy doing this so much and I love you guys as a community and friends :) . So I'll keep trying to keep up the blogging but going back to University will take some getting used to again ha ha.
Now on to the review!

The happiest being the highest and the saddest being the lowest.

I got these bad boys a few weeks ago and have had the pictures sitting in a folder on the lappy waiting to show you guys. I went into 'Boots' looking to try something new and thought I wanted something a little colourful to match the great summer we've had in Britain. Was running out of Blush so went on over to the 'Collection' make up which is a brand that's probably the top on my make up list in my head. (Don't actually have a list but hey maybe a future blog post eh?)

Collection Shimmer Shades Blush

I've started using this nearly everyday and it's the first I've tried a Blusher with more than one shade in the pan. Now this might not be for everyone but my skin is quite pale/fair and I tend to go for pinkish/rosy glows when it comes to blusher. And I would say it does compliment my skin tone quite nicely and does give me that little summery glow to my cheeks that sets the rest of my make up nicely. It is quite a natural palette which is good if your going for minimal make up but the shimmer also works if you were going for a party or night out. It does also work if you brush a small amount over your t-zone set foundation or to add subtle glow so in ways it could be used as a highlighter. 

In use it doesn't feel heavy on the skin at all really and it doesn't get cakey as a powder but this might vary on skin type. Cause I do have a skin regime before I put make up on including moisturiser and then putting foundation on then blusher. (If this helps explain how it sets.)
It is shimmery but I find it's not overly shimmery enough to make your skin look quite glittery as I know some people don't prefer that. 

Price wise it is £4.19 which isn't bad for the amount of product you get in the pan and you are getting four colours. So I would say the price is really good if your a student or wanting to try a new blusher palette and want to save some pennies.

The packaging is a little simple cause their is some gorgeous looking Blushers out there. But Collection is a brand that usually has simple packaging that's quite crisp and bold but I find their products usually work really well and have good results. But the packaging as well might be so simple so they can make the product cheaper. 

Overall I do like this product and have enjoyed using it so far and think it works for my skin tone.
I would buy it again but probably more for summer time as it feels more suited. :)

(This is how it looks on my skin in natural light and now on to the cartoon debz heads ha ha)





Great penny saver and pretty positive product.

Collection Hot Looks Nail Polish

Top coat was technic nail varnish.

When I was getting the Blusher they had a deal on at 'Boots' like the usually do that if you spent over £4.00 on any Collection product you could have one of these little guys for free.
So already that's a plus about this little wonder it didn't cost me a penny ha ha! Was wanting to try a more delicate colour in nail polish. Their was also a lot of colours to choose from this range that was included in the deal which is always cool. 8D
I actually really liked using this it was quite easy to apply and glided on my nails really easily. It does do what it said's and dried very quickly and I enjoyed wearing it a lot. It is quite a sophisticated colour I personally think and isn't to eye popping to wear if your wanting to tone down your nail colours a bit.
The quality I find is really good and it didn't chip or come off easily like other polish brands I've used before. The quantity you get is just enough if your someone who doesn't wear nail varnish all the time like myself but could be bigger for someone who wears it more often.
Price wise I got it free which was awesome but it is normally £1.99 which isn't bad at all for nail polish.
Packaging wise it is nice enough for nail polish and it does what it said's on the bottle and I do like the name 'milkshake' find it quite cute like a watered down candy floss colour XD
Over all I really do like this product it has become a fave colour and I would purchase this again.





It was just such a refreshing change and can't argue with a freebie and my love for the 'Collection' brand.

Offt sorry if that was a lot to take in guys got carried away with writing about that Blusher ha ha!
Was just so excited to finally do a make up review hope it was al right for you guys I'm really enjoying these. :D

Do you guys have any fave blushers/nail colours just now?

I'm away to get something to eat now and watch ally play some Jak and Daxter.

Take care


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