Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Some cheering up with family and my hunny plus my favourite skirt

Firstly Wowzers! Thank you all so much for the positive response for my product review post I had a lot of fun doing it and I intend to do more. Also thanks to the new peeps for following the tinfoilrosebud I look forward to your future posts and comments. 8D

It has given me a little boost cause to be frank things haven't been to great recently theirs been a lot of drama going on at my work. It made me quite ill with stress and I've barely been sleeping or generally been happy really. But with the help of my folks, Ally and some co workers things have been looking a bit better these days. I hope I can sleep again soon because starting University again in the next couple of weeks and will really need it ha ha.

My folks brought me some flowers to cheer me up again and they are beautiful I love flowers as cliche as their seen these days. We had a lovely day out looking for furniture for my new place and we let them see our little garden which Ally's brother tidied up for us. I'm excited to show you guys the new place and our garden even tho it could use some TLC theirs strawberries and raspberries growing which is exciting! :)

Me and Ally have been spending some quality time together we went out and got noodles the other night and went to the cinema. Ally really wanted to see Alpha Papa the film about Allan partridge it was pretty funny was a nice time out with him. :)

We also went on a walk around our new area and found we were really close to this huge and beautiful park which had a hill that you could see the whole town from. We saw a Hawk that night and mushrooms which is something I don't see often but I hope to explore more of this park again. :)

Actually made a film at this park with my classmates which we had to make in 24 hours with various themes.
I run about in a Crocodile onesie that's all you need to know ha ha.

I know I have already posted this skirt before but I actually love it so much I wanted to post it again and took better pictures this time. It does seem that the new bedroom window is the spot for taking fashion photos as well. The skirt is so comfortable it glides so softly over your legs and is so light and airy it helps with the hot and clammy days. It is also just the Maxi skirt for me and to think I would never find one that suites my personality. 8D

Shirt: New Look
Skirt: New Look
Shoes: Primark

Cause of the stress been experiencing I wanted all my hair cut even shorter and I'm pretty happy with the results. Ally actually cut this style of me and I like it a lot. Also been wearing some new make up which I'll do another review post for you guys soon. :)

Got another therapy session tomorrow but then a tea date with catching up on the side with some classmates looking forward to that quite a lot. I also thrifted some lucky finds while furniture shopping which I'm excited to show you all too!

Hows things been for you all?


  1. nice piks, and the skirt is too cute!


    1. Aw thank you I love photography! And clothes I'll check out your site :) xx

  2. thank you for your lovely comment♥ i love wuirky things so much i could draw them a whole day!

    you are so pretty and that skirt is so lovely!


    1. Anytime it was a pleasure! Your drawings are so delicate but strong with colour :)

      Aw dear *blush* Glad you like my skirt so much! xx

  3. Love-love your onesie, Deborah! And your skirt, of course;-))))

    1. Aw ha ha thank you it was actually the camera man's and he let me borrow it for the film.

      We have a tiger and cookie monster tho XD

      Glad you like it as well money well spent :)

  4. Replies
    1. Aw thank you very much I'll check out your blog 8D xx