Friday, 16 August 2013

Taking health into my bony hands and personal cures for mental illness

Ahoy peeps! Hope your all having a lovely week and I'm aware that this week's Blog post is a bit late. Somehow my posts have landed on Tuesdays without meaning to be my 'propper blogging day'.

Their is a reason as I mentioned in my previous post  having depression/anxiety/not so all round good time at the moment. Everything has just got on top of me recently and trying to tackle issues at my job, home life, my future, University life and relationships seemed to either get worse or seemed bleaker.

The world was truely getting darker and at an end peeps! Was in a pretty bad place one I hadn't been in for a realleeee long time so much that it is effecting general life and things I want to keep going at. So decided it was time to go again and try the therapy. 

I'm starting again next week so I'll let you know how I get on. But the past couple of days feeling a little more positive recently and actually been quite busy. Found that doing things you love and being around people you enjoy being around does make a lot of difference.

 Had a lot of adventures that I will sum in some snapshots.

Saved a little bee from what looked like near death with some honey and off he flew away after five minutes or so :)

I saw a very dear friend of mine meeting her through university and we've barely seen each other all summer.
We spent a whole day in Edinburgh going to Art Galleries and eating a ridiculous amount of Sushi and catching up and looking at beautiful things. It was just the ticket to cheer me up had such a great day.

She even brought me back these adorable gifts from her holiday to Berlin she knows me so well! 8D
Especially the book mark which will come in handy for my collection.

This is only a small sample if theirs one thing I love it's books and they were in dire need of a book mark!

On another surprise note another friend called me the same day to say he had bought me and him tickets to go see a band we love in December. It was such a wonderful surprise and their really are angels around!

Been trying to eat healthier again as well to help out with getting better from the mental illness well see how things go. Yum yum!

I also went to visit my folks again which is always so lovely and I'm such a big sook when it comes to my family their so important to me. As I promised Mum was taken on a shopping spree with me and well...

I splurged to cheer myself up was really needing a new blazer and shoes for trekking up this huge hill we live on! D8
And because I can't resist anything with animals on it especially birdies. :)

I guess this sorta counts as an outfit post and have to say really hating my new haircut right now feel so dorky with it ha ha! That's why the picture is far away to be honest! Going to change that soon.

Well see how things go peeps.
Take care for now


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  2. Hello Delilah my name is Deborah nice to meet you. :)
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