Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Score for Mental Health and arty Debz! Some personal issues and a outfit post in there to :)

Can't believe Summer is almost over guys! Will be back in University by September where did the time go!?
Decided to recap on my summer goals to see how much I actually did this time D8

*Catch up with old and new friends : )
* Blog about my adventures
*Moving into my new flat in July (EXCITED)
*Book a holiday for me and my Dad for his birthday
*Work on personal projects
*Add and give a spring tune up to my  Esty shop
*Be more creative with outfits/make up
*Start reading more of my books
*Practice some new art crafts and projects
*Thrift shopping/Charity shopping
*Catch up on video games ha ha!
*Start vloging!

Oh well did half of the things that were planned including actually going on that holiday with dad which was great by the way. Their is still time to get more things done but for the mean time drum rooooooooll if you please!!! *drumsdrumsdrums*

Great news! I managed to sell my print above at the silent auction. That's £50 donated to the Castle mental health charity very pleased to donate to the cause and what a lovely wee night it was.

It's a nice and scary feeling all the same time when you find people looking at your work out in the open. It's an experience I'm still getting used to it and I'm a very shy and modest person in real life especially about my artwork. I don't have the best self esteam sometimes and when it comes to showing art it can be a very vulnrable place cause your showing people what's inside of your head and heart. Your exposing your self and it's really strange I wish I could shake off those feelings and be proud of what I can do and enjoy it more instead of worrying what others might think or judge me on it.

Over all they made £500 pounds in total which is awesome considering it was the first Auction and turn out they had. 

It was a lovely night  and all in all it was amazing to discuss art and how it hels mental illness with others and how art helps express illness in ways we usually can't. It was so beautiful and inspiring to be there and be with these people and relate to them through art and mental health.

I actually suffer from depression and anixety which makes things difficult sometimes for me in my life trying to do everyday tasks. It used to be so much worse but these days I'm a lot better and getting through things a day at a time. 
Have to admit been going through it a bit again lately and a lot of stress in my personal and working life. But art helps me get through it in so many ways that it should never be taken for granted how it's sometimes peoples only escape or help. :)

Which I really need to do more of seriously Debz practice what you preach hahahahaha...hah!

Now on to the part why your really here the outfit post guys!

Dress: Thrifted
Cardigan: Tesco f&f
Necklace: Claires
Shoes: Peacocks

I got this dress quite a while ago but never got around to wearing it but it was perfect for a warm casual day. Loving my thrifted dresses just now especially with the pockets can't get enough of those pockets! Suspose its a bit dark for the summer time this outift but guess it's reflecting my hidden depressy moods these days.

I'm home seeing the family just now before uni starts again so squeezing in some quality time. Took my Mum out shopping and we bought pretty things as you do so I'll show you guys next post!

 Not really important but also got a haircut.

You guys having a nice week?
Catch you soon.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you kindly! Checked out your blog dude it's so great to see a male models blog for a change! Your rocking all those clothes it's impressive. 8D thanks for stopping by my little humble blog. xx

  2. Deborah, what an amazing work!!! I saw your post yesterday before going to sleep and was sitting there speechless thinking how amazing your work is...
    Also, I never talk about it to anyone, but I used to suffer from a serious depression for almost seven years... and a turning point for me was the movie "What the bleep do we know?" it wasn't the movie itself but the scientific ideas that were discussed there - they totally turned my world around! It's only because of it that I am who I am and where I am today...

    1. *blush* Shucks thanks so much hun your very kind. Aw dear I'm sorry you've had to go through that as well hun.

      I'm really glad your doing so much better now and I'll give that movie a watch during the week when I have quiet ha ha!

      Thanks so much for recommending it to me and I'm glad you found something to help you out. xxx