Thursday, 2 May 2013

Finished university for the Summer and goals

The sigh of relief is unreal as I have found out I got a big fat pass for my second semester project ! It feels really good cause it was so much work and onward's to bigger and brighter things! Now just to tackle third year in the fall and its supposed to be a lot tougher but well get there :)

Been enjoying relaxing a little for the time being in the sunshine fa la la its been so nice and I've shook the dust off from my dresses. They were lonely at the back of my flats big beautiful wardrobe not took the plunge to be bare legged yet their still hidden in tights thank you very much. Need to give my skin a spring tune up!

(If your British does anyone else remember Spikey Mikes? Used to eat them loads when I was a kid think they were different tho...?)

The lovely Blue Eyed Night Owl did a blog post recently about her goals and it gave me inspiration to do one to for the summer and for the new blog. Also check out her blog is so sweet and who doesn't love owls?

I have so many things to do this summer its so amazing to have free time again gaaaaaah!

*Catch up with old and new friends : )
* Blog about my adventures
*Moving into my new flat in July (EXCITED)
*Book a holiday for me and my Dad for his birthday
*Work on personal projects
*Add and give a spring tune up to my  Esty shop
*Be more creative with outfits/make up
*Start reading more of my books
*Practice some new art crafts and projects
*Thrift shopping/Charity shopping
*Catch up on video games ha ha!
*Start vloging!

Maybe some of these are to ambitious but its so nice to have free time! Want to take full advantage of the summer while I can! Their is some things planned with my family and my lovely of course but I'll fill you in when the time arises. 

Their has been many good vibes recently things have been good in between enjoying the weather, some cheeky shopping (I'll post later) and good things happening for the people I love.
My lovely just found he got his dream job of creating video games and has planned the last five years of his life to getting one. I'm so proud and happy for him and hes been nominated for awards and going to be giving talks and gaaaaaaaaah its just so wonderful?! 

Now for some embarrassing selfies of me oh nelly its been a while! I dont take pictures of myself so much these days cause my confidence is not so great I look like an old lady ha ha! But I'll post more to try to get over that :)

Dress : George asda
Shirt: Primark
Blazer: Primark
Tights: Primark
Shoes: Gift from Mum

Hows everyone's Summer/Exams been going so far?

Take care


  1. I just had a look at your expressive art page, I love it ! And well done on passing your second semester ! Whereabouts do you study ?

    1. Aww thank you so much! It really needs updated done a lot since then but I plan to archive online all my work better soon. Thank you again I appreciate it <3
      I study in Scotland :)