Friday, 10 May 2013

So much Jammed into this post its gonna be sticky - Celebrations, seeing family and award winning.

Oooooh boy so much has happened in the past week its actually been crazy crazy! I dunno if the picture above counts as an outfit post but there you go. Me chilling at my classmates flat on Sunday night having a couple and good times.

Me and my lovely went out to have a celebratory dinner thing since he found out he got a full time job at a game company in the town where we study. I'm so happy and proud for him things are looking up for him big time. I need to try to catch up and do good in my next year of uni and over the summer!

The ice cream machine had a bit of a eh malfunction but I guess it worked in his favour if you look at it with your stomach! XD

We also saw a movie at the weekend and he brought me sushi for my dinner to eat at the cinema right after my shift at work.

My Hero!
Were thinking of starting a blog about Alastair just eating things in the same angles ha ha!

We saw an Art collaboration film called the ABC'S of Death which was 26 short films each with a theme and letter of the alphabet and created by artists all over the world. OH MY LORD it was so intense, hilarious. terrifying and beautiful. If you like this sort of thing and aren't to squeamish totally go and see it!

We both went home for the week to see our families and to go to the award ceremony his game has been nominated at. Even when I go home things are always so eventful theirs always a lot of traveling involved and people to see to catch up with. The parents and I took the nieces to the transport museum and it's actually so cool.

It was a fun filled day and we did many other things but it would be to much to try to fit in this jam sticky post! As well as seeing my own family time is always spent with Allys family just as much on my visit back home. This canal is so beautiful in the summer time can't wait to go on walks in the sun and show you guys!

This is also Al's family's new dog Harley hes such a little poser.

Their was also quite a few trips to Glasgow on our adventures we saw an old friend and took him to eat a YO Sushi lunch! We had rain a lot but it didn't spoil the fun whoohoo!

We also went to the Creative Scotland Student Media Awards where Ally's game for his Honors project was nominated. You can play his game here .

And the Winner was...


I'm so proud and happy for him hes had such a great time the past few weeks and everything is just on the up and up for him! He just needs to do his showcase at uni at the end of the month and a Pechakucha talk next week.
So things have been full of good times, happy tears, amazing food and positive vibes!

As for me finally christened the mole skinned sketchpad ha ha and been planning a holiday with my Dad. Also with tidying up and getting ready to move out of the current flat and playing the supportive girlfriend role. OH! and finally playing Bioshock 1 on the side ofcourse ;)

I dunno if I could top the award winning greatness above but here's a wee cheeky outfit post.

Dress: TK Max
Blazer: Primark
Tights: Primark
Necklace: Claries
Ring: Claries

This blazer has sorta became my second skin really need to wear something else ha ha.
Recently did some thrifting as well but I'll leave that for another post and I plan to start archiving all my artwork. All this award winning and creativeness wants me to remind myself of anything I have achieved artistically. 
Might give me a wee arty boost! :)

How are you all doing?

Take care


  1. Wow! I'm so proud of Ally! I hope you guys had a great celebration;-)))

    1. Yeahs I am too ha ha!
      Are you a friend of his? :)
      Isn't it great he's doing so well! :)

  2. Hey lovely! This is a great post, it was great to read more about you and your life, looks like a lot of fun. Love your outfit at the end of the post too, got my eye on that ring, will have to get straight down to claires! Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog, really made me smile :) following yours now!

    1. Hey Bel!
      I'm so happy your following the new blog and liking it !
      Bloggers need love hee hee!
      Thank you I try to keep it interesting but a lot of the time I just sleep and work at my part time job recently ha ha.

      Yeahs you get a set of about 4 rings I believe all different animals their really cool. Watch what size you get though cause some of mine were to small for my sausage fingers XD

      I'm glad any time sweety always enjoy going back to your blog and hearting your fashion style! looking forward to the next one my lovely and enjoy the summer! <3