Sunday, 19 May 2013

Painting animals with some books and some past items

Guess what I've been watching recently ha ha!

Since my last post been working on archiving all my artwork on an online portfolio and it's taken a little more time than I thought. Any one else who is creative get that? 
You forget about some work you've done then look back on it and be like 

This has happened to me recently and it's crazy when you look back and then you see how much you've actually accomplished in life and in education. It brings back a lot of the struggles but also the good memories. Currently making some new ones at art school just now, it is scary but also wonderfully scary of what else I could achieve or create for my future projects.

That time does really pass and fade so quickly I mean gosh can't believe it was snowing just a couple of months ago!

Now it is like this.

So living and creating in the moment has never been so important than it has been as a independent twenty something student. I'll continue to do that despite the ups and down's and worrying about my age and how much time I have left.

I'll post my portfolio up when it's finished hope I do not disappoint! :)

In between working more hours at my part time job which have the perks of making beasting Strawberry Tarts! 8D

But in between been painting again in the mole skin sketchbook and other various little projects. To get back into practice been drawing and painting animals which are a favourite theme of mine. Not just because of watching Farthing wood but just finished my current read also.

The story of Watership Down has a special place in my heart ever since I was little and finding another book with more of the rabbits adventures I couldn't resist picking it up! 
It's a great read would recommend it to anyone who enjoys animals or Richard Adams tales. :)

Ended up painting some owls in watercolor which one is your favourite ?

It was nice to paint something simple to get back into practice I also listened to an audio book while painting them. Turns out this is also a film but very insightful about Lewis Carrol as a person and his personal life. As well meanings and symbolism behind the Alice books and Wonderland it self.

I sadly have no outfit posts this time since living in work uniform and PJ'S HA HA So to fill in the space have found some old snapshots from the start of the year that were taken.

Got this planner from Paperchase which is a store that is eternally loved but not by my budget ):
But really needed a planner for all general Deborah things and this one was on sale and I love it!

For some tiny beauty-ness I got some Barry M nail varnish a while ago cause was missing being able to do my nails and feel generally lady-ish...lady-ing..a lady? I dunno. The dark red color was also my fave color of winter this year with many clothing adorning it 8F

These were also roses from valentines day I kept and dried them out at my window for my last uni project. Thought it was pretty to include it was so nice to have them hanging up at my window like this while it lasted. :)

Do you guys have any favourite animals or favourite books? 
would love to know :)

Take care


  1. I love dried flowers, you can keep them forever unlike love.


    1. Thank you <3

      I'm still practicing this method for flowers but as well I like to practice love. :)